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Monday, 16 September 2013

Birthday Party, Goodies Bag, Animated Balloon

Your Party Solution

  Choose your item, read term & condition below, place your order by contact me via email, facebook, sms/WhatsApp and give a call.

1) Plastic Bag Printed Happy Birthday

- 18 x 23 cm plastic bag printed with "Happy Birthday"
- Price : RM15/packet (consist of 50pcs plastic bag = RM0.30/pc)
- Postage : RM6 (Peninsular Malaysia) & RM12 (Sabah & Sarawak)
- Email me at to order now!

2) Angry Bird Balloon

- This balloon suitable for a Angry Bird theme party (door gift / decoration)
Price : RM1/pc or email me for wholesale price (minimum order 20pcs & above)
- Price not include air pump

this is the balloon after fill-up with air (you can use bicycle air pump / Helium gas / buy air pump from us)

suitable to use it as a decoration in a flower bouquet also!

Email me at to reserve now!

3) Party Balloons

Price : RM3/packet

Consist of 10 balloons per packet assorted colour

Minimum order : 5 packets per order / less than 5 if you buy anything else. For example if you buy 40 sets of Angry Bird party pack, you can buy this balloons less than 5 packets.

Delivery charge : RM6 for Peninsula Malaysia, RM12 for Sabah & Sarawak

4) Angry Bird Party Pack

consist of :-

- 1 plastic bag printed "Happy Birthday"
- 1 Angry Bird stationery set including of small notebook, 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener / 1 clip
- 1 small size Angry Bird jigsaw puzzle

This party pack suitable to give as a door gift in your birthday party
Price : RM5/pack
Minimum order is 20 packs & above
Delivery charge : RM10 for Peninsular Malaysia, RM15 for Sabah & Sarawak (via Poslaju airmail)

5) Stationery Kit

Cars Stationery Kit
Price : RM5/pc
Wholesale price: RM4/pc (Min order 20pcs & above)

Mickey Mouse Stationery Kit
Price : RM5/pc
Wholesale price : RM4/pc (min order 20pcs & above)

Winnie the Pooh Stationery Kit
Price : RM5/pc
Wholesale price : RM4/pc (min order 20pcs & above)

Angry Bird Stationery Kit
Price : RM5/pc
Wholesale price : RM4/pc (min order 20pcs & above)

Angry Bird Stationery Kit (small size)
Price : RM4/pc
Wholesale price : RM3/pc (min order 20pcs & above)

6) Party Hat

- Animated cartoon party hat (small)
- Price : RM20/pack consist of 12pcs party hat
- Buy 3 packs & above at RM18/pack

- Animated cartoon party hat (big)
- Price RM24/pack consist of 12pcs party hat
- Buy 3 packs & above at RM22/pack

Price not included delivery postage

7) Ben 10 Stationery Kit

Ben10 Stationery Kit consist of :
- 1 small notebook

- 2 pencels
- 1 eraser
- 1 sharperner

Price : RM5
(min purchase must be 20 & above)

8) Snow White Helium Balloons


Price : RM2.00 per pc
PM me for wholesale price (min 20pcs & above)
Also availabe for another cartoon character like Angry Biord, Ben10, theSmurf & many more!

9) Animated Cartoon Balloons

Ben10 Balloons (Large)
RM2.50/pc including stick
For bulk price (minimum order 20pcs)

Upin Balloons (Large) Also available for Ipin
RM2.50/pc including stick
For bulk price (minimum order 20 pcs)

Also available for The Smurf, Boboboi, Doraemon, Princess, Hello Kitty & many more cartoon character (subject to supplier availability)
Please place your order one month before event

10) Animation Printed Plastic Bag

Mickey Mouse Printed Plastic Bag
RM5/pack consist of 10pcs ~ 1pc = RM0.50

Princess printed party bag
RM5/pack consist of 10 pcs ~ 1pc = RM0.50

Ben10 Printed Plastic Bag
RM25/pack consist of 50pcs ~ 1pc = RM0.50

Barbie Printed Plastic Bag
RM25 per pack consist of 50pcs ~ 1pc = RM0.50

Barbie Printed Plastic Bag
RM20/pack consist of 50pcs ~ 1pc = RM0.50

Suitable to give as a party goodies
Place your order  at least one month before event
subject to supplier availability

 BARANGAN HARIJADI TERBARU (Kemaskini 10 Nov 2016) 

Mencari belon dan barangan untuk parti hari jadi anak-anak?
Sinilah tempatnya
Belon berbentuk atau bercorak Frozen, Mickey Mouse dan kartun Hello Kitty yang pelbagai aneka jenis. Anda boleh pilih mengikut kesuaian tema majlis untuk anak-anak anda.

Harga satu belon dengan batangnya adalah RM3.50 satu
Min order adalah : 20pcs
Order 50pcs dapat special price lagi

Jika nak pam nya sekali hanya RM8

Add in postage RM10 semenanjung M'sia dan RM15 untuk Sabah Sarawak
Belon Mickey Mouse Bulat

Belon Colourful Frozen

Belon Love Hello Kitty

Belon Biru Hello Kitty

Belon Pink Hello Kitty

Belon Minnie Mouse

Contoh belon yang dah siap dimasukkan gas dan batangnya

Belon Frozen kesukaan ramai

Belon Minnie Mouse comel

Belon Frozen Princess colorful

Belon Frozen Blue Princess

Belon White Frozen

Term & Conditions

- Please read T&C before purchased
- All goods sold are not returnable
- All goods display in normal price, to get a wholesale price, minimum order is 20pcs & above / otherwise stated
- COD arrangement can be made in Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang, Putrajaya only during weekend
- We will be using normal Pos Laju/National Courier which will take several working days
- To avoid any hassle, please reserve your booking a month before holding an event
- Please make 50% or full deposit to reserve, balance pay after all stock are available & ready to post

Contact me
 Sms/whatsapp ke : 010-9336935
Facebook : Wan Rokiah

Payment done to
Maybank Account: 1122 6908 0045

Please attached evidence of payment (time, date, amount and type of bank)
melalui SMS/Whatsapp/Inbox Facebook/Emel
Maklumat tersebut hendaklah dinyatakan seperti di bawah:
Nama Penuh,
Alamat Penghantaran,
No telefon,
Item Order dan kuantiti

Atau boleh isikan pada BORANG PESANAN di ruangan bawah blog ini.