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Monday, 21 March 2016

Organize Your Fridge :Susun Atur Peti Sejuk Anda

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Kita ada nak offer produk Tupperware yang menjadi kegilaan para surirumah dan sesiapa saja.

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11-Pc Fridge Fresh Set
RM261.20 / ERM281.10 (Retail)
RM235.00 / ERM253.00 - SAVE OVER 10%

Each 11-Pc Fridge Fresh Set consist of:
Double Square Round (1) 2.8L
Large Square Round (2) 2L
Double Square Round (2) 1.3L
Shallow Square Round (2) 250ml
Square Round (2) 400ml
Medium Square Round (2) 800ml
Gift Box

Offer Period:

15 Feb to 31 March 2016

Exclusive Purchase:
6-Pc Fridge Fresh Set at only RM 35 Nett with every purchase of A1582

Buy 2 Sets & Save More:
2 x 11-Pc Fridge Fresh Set (A1582)
RM 522.40 / ERM 562.20 (Retail) 
RM389.90 / ERM 419.90 - Save over 25%

Images_S.pngStore your items as fresh as when you first bought it with the Fridge Fresh Set. It’s see through design lets you know its contents with one quick glance and its modular feature lets you stack to save space, allowing for a neater fridge.

Images_M.pngManage your grocery shopping by going through what you have in stock at home and what you need. This way, you save on not buying the unnecessary and time too.

Images_A.pngArrange your food items by expiry date, with the soonest date at the most front. You can even stick labels to remind you better.

Images_R.pngRe-create dishes from leftovers so you and your family will never get bored from eating at home.
Images_T.pngTemperatures should be at the right setting for optimal cooling. Chiller temperatures should be between 0-4C, and freezer at -18C and below.

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